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Learn what Strategic Finance is

Deep dive into the new modern finance function. Understand how it connects with different parts of the business to drive critical decisions, from product launches to marketing acquisition spend.

Learn the required Technical Skills

Deep dive into critical technical concepts like LTV forecasting or how to build a cohort revenue model. Build the skills to leverage in your interview and while you're on the job.

Learn how to be more Strategic

Join our vibrant community. Our mentors and community members will not only teach the technical skills, but also give you the thought processes and frameworks to think more strategic and excel at your job.

Access to personalized Job Board

Our job board will get rid of the clutter and allow you to focus purely on strategic finance jobs, so you can focus on what matters.

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Strat Fin Community

Get access to professionals across the globe at top companies, and you will be a part of the first fully dedicated Strategic Finance community.

"Strategic Finance is focused on optimizing a company’s underlying business model to create long-term business value by increasing revenue and decreasing costs. It uses data and financial modeling to help the company make better decisions and understand the financial impact. Strategic Finance serves as a cross-functional business partner to all major functions at a company (product, marketing, sales, engineering, etc.)."

Michael Miao- 2023
Partner, IVP | Ex Dropbox, Strategic Finance
Michael Miao

What does the SFC course look like?

Week 1
Week 2
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Week 6
Strategic Finance Overview
Strategic Finance Overview

You will learn what exactly this new modern finance function is and how it is the core function of any growing business. You will then be introduced to your first Strat Fin modeling exercise.

Strategic Financial Modelling
Strategic Finance Modelling

You will get deep hands-on coaching and experience in building robust financial models. You'll learn how to best mode the financial health of the organization across the different cross-functional teams.

Data and Deep Analysis
Data and Deep Analysis

SQL is as important as knowing those gSheet functions, and you will learn the foundations of how to query through complex data warehouses. You will also learn deeper CAC and LTV analysis, and other frameworks that you can apply to any business.

Board and Investor Prep
Board and Investor Prep

You will go through a case study to put it all together by creating a financial model that is built up of smaller components. You will then learn how to put it together in a deck targeted at either your Board or future Investors.

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Looking for more personalized coaching?

For those looking for immediate and more personalized coaching, we offer 1 on 1 coaching!

This is ideal for students who already have interviews lined up, or have most of the fundamentals of Strategic Finance down and need help with leveraging these skills to break into their first Strategic Finance job.

Access to the first and fastest growing Strategic Finance Community in the world.

Conference room meeting

Get access to a network of mentors who are top performers at their current jobs

Never settle for “good enough” when you know you can and should do better.

Never stop learning

Our community isn't just for students, it is also for professionals. Strat Fin professionals can constantly ask questions and share knowledge from their professional careers.

Pioneer and lead the Strategic Finance function

Take risks and make mistakes - that’s how we learn, and how we innovate.

Act in a way that makes all of us proud

We are all in this together and everything you say and do, whether internally or publicly, reflects on us.

“Working with the SFC team was one of the best career learning experiences I've had so far, landing multiple Strategic Finance offers and building my confidence at my current job.”

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"The SFC experience gave me the tools and guidance to land my dream job. The team exceeded all of our expectations."

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