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A hyper-focused community for professionals in Strategic Finance with one mission.

To foster
connection, growth, and learning with like-minded individuals.

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Variety of Spaces/Groups

Our community is set up to include a variety of topics that our Strat Fin professionals may encounter everyday. From Marketing Finance, to Product Finance - ask your questions and respond to others! Our top community contributors will get recognized.

Instant Virtual Hangouts

Got some down time during your Friday morning and are looking to learn about how other Strat Fin pros are using the latest tools? Join a room and you're set to grow. We make it easy for anyone to start a virtual hangout to converse and connect.


Safe and Secure

We are going to hold everyone accountable to partake in a community where everyone is welcome and where everyone can grow and learn. There's no such thing as a stupid question.

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Content and Podcasts

We want our SFC community members to post all kinds of content! Our community leaders will be posting the latest content, news, and information in the Strat Fin space.

Our goal is to grow the community, and we believe this community will pioneer the future of Strategic Finance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to join the community?

Currently we are accepting the following:
- Professionals who are currently in a Strategic Finance function
- Professionals who had over 1 year in a Strategic Finance function
- Students who have purchased interview prep and/or our SFC course

Is there a monthly membership?

Currently there is no membership fees, and anyone who is an active member of our community will be grandfathered into a free forever pricing.

Do I need to be a Mentor to join?

No - our community is for all Strat Fin professionals and only those who want to apply to be a Mentor should do so. As our course cohorts grow, we encourage a lot

SFC Community
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