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Finally... a clear path to break into Strategic Finance

What can you expect?


Modelling & Budgetting

Gain expertise in operational and financial modeling to make informed business decisions. Strategic Finance professionals need not be 3-statement modeling ninjas (though basics are essential). Instead, they should design models that answer crucial questions like:

  • Which product feature is the most sensitive to LTV?
  • How is cash flow impacted if my churn decreases by 25%?

Strategic Projects / M&A

While merger modeling is valuable, it alone is insufficient for successful tech M&A transactions (yes you will learn a merger model). However, in this course, we prioritize the comprehensive M&A process: buy vs. build, target screening, financing, and regulations. Additionally, we delve into strategic partnerships, covering critical aspects such as strategic thinking, partner screening, and negotiation techniques.

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SQL & Data Analysis

In this course, we delve into the core principles of SQL and its direct relevance to financial analysis. Discover the art of efficiently extracting, sorting, and filtering crucial financial data from extensive databases. By mastering SQL queries, you'll empower yourself to generate impactful reports, execute intricate calculations, and unearth valuable financial insights that can drive informed decision-making.

Fund Raising

Acquire comprehensive knowledge of fundraising, mastering every aspect from crafting a compelling pitch deck to organizing a cap table. Our expert instructors, who have successfully led multiple fund raises, will share industry standards and insider secrets to secure funding effectively. Learn strategic business positioning to maximize enterprise value and develop the skills to connect with potential investors.

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Investor / Board Work

We cover best practices for communicating financial performance, strategic initiatives, and business milestones effectively to investors and board members. It would focus on crafting concise and informative updates, understanding key metrics, and presenting financial data to foster transparency and confidence among stakeholders.

You will have all the tools required to excel at Strategic Finance, and be the true cross-functional business partner across the company

“Working with SFC was an incredible experience! Zu and his team are very well trained and the course structure felt perfect for me. The take-home case studies were great practice for the real interviews! Finally, the team really cared about my success, and till today check in on how I’m doing!”


Strategic Finance Accociate

Who is this for?

Looking to break into Tech

Current professionals who are looking for a path to break into tech with a focus on Strategy and Finance; this is the course for you! 

Not only will you learn the skills required, you will build relationships with current Strat Fin professionals, hiring managers, and be part of a community that will benefit you for a life time.

Starting your Strat Fin career

Anyone who has just started their career in Strat Fin, this course will give you the tools and skills that will help you accelerate your growth and help you stand out.

We've been through your shoes, we know what we didn't know; learn the frameworks, models, and strategies that will enable to you to break down business problems like never before!

Non Finance leaders

Are you a leader that works with the Finance or Strategy team but feels like you are missing some key concepts and knowledge?

If so, this course will get you to a position allowing you to see business problems from a different angle, helping you get budget approvals faster, drastically improving how influential your proposals get

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