How do I expense it from work?

You have the opportunity to expense this course through your current employer's Learning and Development program. Take advantage of this program to enhance your skills and knowledge in a cost-effective way that benefits both you and the organization.

What happens if I miss a live class?

Recordings of all classes will be accessible to students through our interactive community course platform. Additionally, our dedicated mentors are available to address any questions you may have, providing guidance and support beyond the video sessions.

What if I want a different start date for the live course?

As SFC is a new program, we currently offer one start date, but we are actively working to provide additional options in the future! While class recordings are available for missed sessions, we encourage all students to attend every class.

If you prefer a different start date, please reach out to us at hello@strategicfinancecareers.com.

Are there any pre-reqs?

While there are no must have pre-reqs, a background in quantitative professions and/or education is strongly recommended for individuals interested in a career in Strategic Finance. Typically, our students come from the following career paths:

  • Investment Banking / Equity Research / Sales and Trading
  • Accounting
  • Corportate Finance
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Consulting
  • Data Analysts
  • Marketing Analysts

Students who are not familiar with Google Sheets and Excel will be asked to take the free 2 hour, intro and intermediate Google Sheets class.

What is the online community?

Our online community unites Strategic Finance Mentors, Professionals, and Students, creating a supportive environment that nurtures growth, development, and a sense of excitement. Expect engaging live fireside chats, in-person networking events, and ongoing specialized courses like "Python for Finance" and "Chat GPT and Finance" to further enhance your journey with us.

I don't know if I'm ready

No worries at all - shoot us an email at hello@strategicfinancecareers.com and let us know a little about yourself, and we'll take it from there!