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The one-stop program for breaking into Strategic Finance and becoming a top performer! You'll learn everything from the foundations of financial analysis and modeling to raising money and preparing for board meetings. Master key data and operational modeling techniques to build frameworks for driving decisions with your business partners.

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About the course

Welcome to the Strategic Finance Careers course, a meticulously designed program to help you master the essentials of Strategic Finance, get you desk-ready to hit the ground running, and ensure you nail your interviews! The course begins with foundational concepts, such as financial analysis, key metrics, and crucial financial principles, which will act as the bedrock for your operational modeling.

The heart of this course lies in operational and financial modeling. You'll start by understanding the three key financial statements and building a general three-statement model. Once you can connect these statements to create a coherent financial narrative, you’ll dive into growth and revenue modeling, cost modeling, and operational modeling, allowing you to truly learn the operations of a business. You'll also learn the key KPIs that a StratFin team uses daily, such as LTV, CAC, and industry-specific unit economics.

A crucial part of strategic finance is developing operational models that drive decisions across the company. Your models will address questions like, “How much should we spend on marketing?” and “Should we raise another round?”. Collaborating effectively with teams like marketing and product will make you a more well-rounded professional, providing vital financial insights that empower informed business decisions. The course emphasizes practical application with examples, interview tips, and assessments to solidify your understanding, ensuring you are well-equipped to thrive in high-stakes financial roles.

A key area where many candidates lack expertise is the operational understanding of a business, especially those coming from advisory roles like banking and consulting. Strategic Finance Careers will prep you for any operational questions you may encounter and put you in the right mindset to think like an operator. Our certification has already helped countless candidates secure interviews and job offers at some of the top companies!

Course Outline

What the course will cover

  • Introduction to Strategic Finance
  • Refresher on Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Financial Modeling
  • Operational Modeling
  • Data Driven Analysis  
  • KPI Dashboarding
  • Fund Raising (Debt & Equity) 
  • Corporate Planning & Budgeting
  • Board Preparation

Is This Course Right for You?

Our Strategic Finance course welcomes individuals with strong analytical skills and a basic understanding of finance. If you have taken any accounting or finance class, or if you have experience in the following areas, you’re likely a great fit:

  • Investment Banking / Equity Research / Sales and Trading
  • Accounting/Audit 
  • Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategy and Operations
  • Consulting
  • Data Analysis
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Economics
  • Risk Management

If your background isn't listed, and you're comfortable with math and keen to learn, we encourage you to email us at or book time with an advisor to help you assess if this course is right for you.


  • Complete course
  • Complete all take home case studies
  • Pass final StratFin exam
  • Pass final SQL exam

Meet the Instructor

Zu Daya
Zu Daya
Co Founder @ SFC | Strat Fin Pro @ Tala

Zu is a seasoned Strategic Finance professional with over 14 years of experience. He started his career in Investment Banking and then transitioned into Strategic Finance, leveraging all his financial modeling skills to build a career in the field. Given his entrepreneurial mindset, Zu found operating and growing businesses more exciting and engaging, and now he wants to help others do the same! 

Notable coaching accolades: 

  • Led Uber’s Operations Modeling program.
  • Coached countless students for interview preparation and career enhancement.
  • Finance, Economics, and Statistics Teaching Assistant at the University of Toronto.
  • Coaches startups on how to build their strategic finance team, and how to interview.

Zu has conducted over 350 interviews in his career, with a majority of them for his Strategic Finance teams.

He has successfully placed students at Uber, Lyft, Google, Amazon, Meta, Netflix, Hulu and many more high performing shops.

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“Working with SFC was an incredible experience! Zu and his team are very well trained and the course structure felt perfect for me. The take-home case studies were great practice for the real interviews! Finally, the team really cared about my success, and till today check in on how I’m doing!”


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